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12 Pins for the Year

Do you have a Pinterest board with too many things to do that it feels overwhelming?


The idea of this is to simplify. Choose 12 pins that you wish to achieve this year, whether travel, a craft, or projects that you want to do, then pin them to a new board. If you are feeling a bit more ambitious then you could create 52 pins for your board and you will have a goal a week. Some more ideas for your Pinterest board are:

  • Craft Projects
  • Travel Ideas
  • Blog Goals
  • Books to Read
  • Recipes You Would Like to Try
  • Workout Plans

This is to help you simplify. Sometimes we create so many boards with tons of ideas that it can feel overwhelming. Just like we need to clean out our closet spaces this is going to simplify all those projects that you want to accomplish for the year. If you finish the goals that you set, give yourself a reward… happy pinning and keep on wildly dreaming!

Post Author
Joanna Montes