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Dare to Dream Big

Courage and vulnerability are a few of the characteristics it takes to dream big.

What do you have to lose if you try? More importantly, what do you have to gain? Even if you fail, you will not have to live with the regret of what if. What if I would have put my idea out there to be seen by the world.

The problem that most people face when stepping out into their dreams is that it can feel very vulnerable.

I remember when I started writing my posts on Instagram and my website, it seemed as if I was sharing with others something that was so personal and intimate, I was letting others into my thoughts. My conversation with myself went something like this, what if they did not like me, what if I say something wrong, and what if they think I am weird?

It was almost as if in my mind I was putting my hands up in the air and saying to everyone, “Come on and throw your best shot.” I leaped beyond this negative thinking, and you can do it too. It feels powerful to overcome feelings of vulnerability and not let them bully us out of taking action in our dreams.

Over time disappointment and criticism throw their punches at us.

Fear, anxiety, and doubt seem to creep their way into our thinking. These negative, toxic thoughts will never produce a positive life. Recognize these doubting ideas and have them cut out like cancer. Do not hide behind the illusion that life is fine, where your dreams become invisible.

How do you get out of these toxic thinking habits?

The good news is that you have the power to create a new mindset. You do not have to be captive to your thoughts, you can create new thoughts. READ books, LISTEN to motivational speakers, and SAY positive affirmations about yourself.

There is no greater feeling than accomplishing something you didn’t think was possible. Have the courage to step out and dare to dream big!

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Joanna Montes