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Take Some Time to Dream

Busy, busy, too busy to dream?

Are you too busy to take time for your dreams? If we are not careful we can get stuck in the mundane routine of life and forget our WHY behind what we are doing. Living with intention will produce intentional results.

Have you stopped to take the time to see if you are living out the passions in your heart?

What makes you tick? What stirs your heart?

Over the last two years, I had some questions on my mind: What makes me tick? What stirs my heart? I sorted through my thoughts and explored the things that made me happy. I did not just want to exist; I wanted to thrive. These are great questions to ask yourself when figuring out what YOUR dreams are.

During this time of questioning what my dreams were, my husband and I attended a wedding. The groom introduced us to a friend by saying, “If you want to feel like you can conquer the world, hang out with these two.”

This was an “aha” moment for me. I was created to inspire others! My friend’s words were a seed to the question I had been asking myself. (Choose your friends wisely, their words can make a lasting impact on your future!) And so I began to get more answers to the question I was asking myself. What brought me joy?

The journey of finding this answer led me to one of my favorite places to go, a coffee shop. I loved having one on one conversations with people to find out their dreams, visions, and encourage them to take action on their passions. All of this goodness over a warm, steamy cup of coffee!

Now that the answer was beginning to be more clear I still had a problem, time. I could not take everyone I knew and wanted to inspire out for a cup of coffee. From that sincere desire to help others Wildly Dreaming began.

Wildly Dreaming is a place where I want you to feel like you are sitting with me in a coffee shop and we are talking about your dreams.

Take Some Time To Dream

Maybe you feel like you have locked into the routine of life and forgotten your reason why, your passion, and your dream. I encourage you to begin to take some time to dream, take some time for you!

Ask yourself questions. What brings you joy? What are you doing when time passes by with ease? As you become aware of what brings you joy, you will begin to sift through what matters to you. Keep those wild dreams inside of you alive!

This life is too short, live with adventure.

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Joanna Montes