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Is Perfection Stopping You?

Life is NOT about perfection. It’s about GROWTH.

If you wait until the perfect time, until you are entirely ready, you will delay success. You will wake up to realize that you have pushed your dreams back yet another day.

Zig Ziglar, who was an inspiring speaker and author said, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” What a great question to ask yourself.

Have you started?

Perfectionism and delay can be used as a shield to protect yourself from embarrassment, criticism, and failure. We need to move forward toward our dreams, and to do this, we have to overcome the feelings of fear and inferiority.

One particular year I wanted to start a blog… specifically this site. A few years later I had to address the reason I was procrastinating. Sadly within that time, I had a few friends pass away. Talk about a wakeup call.

I asked myself if I was to die, what did I have to leave behind?

At that moment, I had not contributed much. So I began to start with my kids in mind. I thought to myself…. if only my children read this, I will at least be leaving a legacy for them. This took my mindset off of perfection and refocused my effort on the one, two, three, and four (my little munchkins).

Maybe you need to start with the “one” in mind. If you look ahead too far it can be overwhelming.

Have you procrastinated? Simplify your “why” so it is easier to start.  Remember it does not mean that we are not going to make some mistakes in the process. When experimenting things can get messy, and some things can go wrong. Try associating mistakes with learning.

Overthinking the little specifics may hinder you from moving forward in the big picture.

Some of the excuses that may come are: I will start when I am less busy, when I have more income, when I get a different job, when I have the perfect product, website, or opportunity. Having good intentions will never produce meaningful results. It is action that leads to growth.

There is no perfect time, so make sure that perfection has not become an excuse not to execute. That it is not a mask that you hide behind because you are afraid of criticism.

Perfection is the enemy of progress. The perfect time to start is now; it is today.

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Joanna Montes