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Travel Dreams

Take a moment to put doubts and excuses aside and IMAGINE if you were wildly successful… where in the world would you want to travel?

Many times one of the things that hinders us is our own thoughts and the things that we say to ourselves.  Stop doubt from hindering you from living out those dreams that may seem outrageous. Dare to live beyond the fear of what if. You are the one person who can control your own destiny. Look up dream vacations online and begin to visualize yourself taking your dream vacation. Even if you shoot for the stars and miss, you will be aiming higher than if you are reaching for nothing at all.

Exercising your dream muscles will be refreshing, it is like rekindling the hope that you have inside that there is something more than the day to day doldrum. Don’t forget to print out that travel dream and put it someplace that you can look at everyday. I stumbled upon this book when I was grocery shopping the other day at Costco’s and thought this was a resourceful book for when to travel and what is happening during those times in different countries! It is a beautifully illustrated book that is practical and inspiring. For every month of the year it presents 30 recommendations of destinations that are at their best during each month. An awesome resource to plan out those trips you have been dreaming to do! Due note that I think it is better in book form as the reviews say the Kindle version is difficult to navigate.


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Joanna Montes